Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shadow Art Fair Wrap Up

So yesterday was the Shadow Art Fair and I had a blast! 12 hours made for a long day (especially on only a few hours of sleep) but it was so much fun, and I wouldn't trade those last couple of late night hours with the reallly drunk patrons for anything-- they were hilarious! It was also my most successful show to date, and of course, I sold all opposite things than I did in the last show. Its so bizarre how some prints don't sell at all at some shows and then fly off the shelves at the next one. The bestsellers yesterday were the Honeycomb and Ladder Fern screen prints, and the Bird's Nest woodcut, but only the ones with the green added in the tree top! I also made some really amazing trades with the folks at Letterform, Wei's Open Secret, and with Lish Dorset --all of which I intend to give for Christmas gifts! I also made a trade with a mystery girl who brought some beautiful blown glass she had made herself and wanted to trade for some prints. Mystery glass blower, I love the vase! I put some water and a floating candle in it and it throws the most amazing shadows on the wall! Call me!

My friend Heather Anne (who used to make signs with me at Trader Joe's) was also a vendor at the show, selling her lovely cakes. As luck would have it her table was right next to mine, so we got to spend the whole day together. She sent me home with a little magical pumpkin cake that is so good I think about the half that's left approximately every 5-10 minutes.

Here are a few photos:

Here's my table in the morning-- not an inch to spare! Sadly, I was so tired last night that I left my beautiful plant in the car and it froze to death! I love houseplants so much, but I definitely have a brown thumb when it comes to caring for them.

Here's Heather Anne's cake table!

To say she likes orange and green is an understatement! The colors definitely kept me cheery while it snowed like mad all day.

So in summation, Shadow Art Fair was excellent. I met even more really amazing artists and art lovers. I only had one beer, which may or may not be a good thing depending on how you look at it.

Now I am putting the leftover prints up on Etsy-- most of the screen prints are up today, and the woodcut prints will go up tonight or tomorrow. Then I plan on taking it easy for awhile, I'm currently attempting to talk Chris into roadtripping to Chicago this weekend for some R+R. In the meantime I'm just glad that my house is clean and I don't have ink in my hair.

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