Saturday, January 23, 2010

Projects: Art Wall

The wonderful Katie Stephenson contacted me a few months ago about a project she was starting called Art Wall. I am a huge fan of cluster groupings of work in home design (I think its a fun way to add presence to your collection and to a room rather than a few pieces scattered around) so I was super excited. I had no idea what the finished site would look like, so when Art Wall went live in early November I was floored.

The home page-- illustrated by the super talented Jessica Gonacha Swift! I love Art Wall's tagline: Don't Decorate, Curate! --its so in the spirit of collecting meaningful original work.

In December, the Family Room went live, and my Mesas print was featured-- see it on the bottom left?

Clicking on each item takes you to an artist bio and a link to purchase!

Katie also runs a blog (this link will take you to an interview with moi) and and the site has lots of other features-- even an inspirational flickr group!

In the spirit of this project, I hope to be sharing some art walls in my place in the coming weeks (whenever the grouchy winter Michigan sky cooperates)

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity Katie! Speaking of opportunities, I have one to announce next week!

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