Sunday, February 8, 2009

Q: What's for Dinner? A: Mexican Layer Awesomeness!

(bonus: its pretty!)

I really don't have any excuses not to keep fresh produce in the house at all times, but I hate when we can't eat it in time and I have to pitch it! At least once a week I try to make something that uses up all of these fresh ingredients and some leftovers-- this morning we had loaded omelets and tonight I dumped another half of our refrigerator contents into this recipe.

Basically its a burrito with layers of filling in between each of 4 tortillas. Here's what I used for each layer-- this would be delicious with whatever's sitting in your fridge though!

1) fat free refried beans
2) browned and seasoned ground turkey
3) more refried beans and a cream cheese/canned green chilies spread (just add 2oz cream cheese and a splash of milk to 1/2 can of chilies, microwave until warm and blend-- its like a jalapeno popper spread)
4) spanish rice: leftover brown rice, roasted corn, dried red pepper flakes, and a tiny splash of tomato chutney or tomato paste (heated together in a pan first)

I layered these between flour tortillas in a pie pan and baked the whole thing at 350 for about 25 minutes with tin foil on top. Then I removed the tin foil and allowed the top tortilla to crisp up. I took it out and added some sweet red bell pepper slices and green onions and then served it up with romaine and spring greens on top. This would also be really easy to make vegetarian-- we have delicious soy chorizo at the store that I might throw in next time!

(it was so tasty and I have no wasted produce guilt!)

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