Wednesday, February 11, 2009

There is Only Make (literally)

No sooner did I write about my incredible first issue of Craft magazine than the O'Reilly publication closed their print shop and threw in the towel. Craft is also folding-- or, as they call it to soften the blow: ceasing to exist in print.

Current subscribers like myself will now be getting the rest of our subscriptions filled with Craft's parent publication Make, which seems to look a bit like the musty old collection of Post-war Popular Science magazines that my grandparents kept in their basement when I was a kid.

By that I mean to say: boring and involving lots of tubes and wires.

If only Dwell weren't so damn bougy-- looks like I'll be ingesting strictly an online inspiration diet from now on. I'm pretty sure print is dying.


Chocolate and Steel said...

oh no!!! I somehow had not heard this yet. It is so sad! It's just not the same online. I can't tear a page out and stare at for weeks.

congrats on the feature though. I hope you get some notice from it.

Marcy said...

I know! There's nothing like a real life magazine you can hold and flip through and cut bits and pieces out of!

Thanks for the well-wishing, I love your work!