Friday, February 13, 2009

A very slight shop update

I spent tonight tweaking my shop banner a bit-- I think my photoshop skills are slightly improved since I last made it, and wanted it saved as a .png so its a little less fuzzy

I'd throw up a before and after for comparison, but I just realized that I don't have a before anymore! I bought a new computer this week and its either hidden in some super secret folder from my old files or the banner on etsy was my only copy!

Anyway, here's the new banner:

The back image has changed to a plant cell diagram, the text color is a little lighter than it was before, and I filled the little tree with a different woodgrain and refined it a bit. Just for fun (and because I was curious about this font) I made an entirely new banner as well:

I love how this turned out-- the font is really unique and the distressed look came together nicely. It just doesn't seem to match up with what I'm trying to do though-- there's something about it that doesn't do it for me-- too old fashioned maybe. I'll actually save this one though (what a concept!) and maybe pull it out in the future. It might work nicely with this group of prints I'm stringing together right now.

Speaking of new prints, I've started some sketches for this new series of prints and made a lot of choices already about which direction I'll be going in. One of my goals with this blog was to share the total process of screen and woodcut prints from idea inception to matting and framing, so look for the first post of that series in the next few days. Instead of working print by print, I'll be carrying this new work through each step at the same time and making much larger editions than before, so it'll be a journey worth documenting.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see you go through the whole process.

Today I picked my mom up at a hair appointment, she goes to some lady who works out of her house, and I complimented a screen print she had on the wall. I said it would look nice with the prints I bought from you. So what does my mom's hair lady do? She takes it off the wall and gives it to me right then. I could hardly believe it; what a sweet thing to do. Apparently is a vintage Marushka print. It has a vase of pussywillows on it. Pretty awesome!

Marcy said...

Wow-- that's so awesome! I'd forgotten all about Marushka! I stumbled on something about the co. while I was at CMU-- I think the founder was an artist in residence at one point, because his whole operation was out of Grand Haven.

When I started screening on canvas a few years later it all kind of clicked together that they could be stretched the same way. Is the texture of the fabric similar to what you have from me? I've always wondered what the surface is like because they seem a lot more bright and saturated than what I usually do.

Anonymous said...

actually, the canvas is lighter, both otherwise similar. it doesn't seem to be primed at all. the print I have is in earthtones, though, so I don't know if their more vibrant stuff is different. they're printing again (as Marooshka, but the same outfit). pretty affordable for really big canvases.

Marcy said...

ooh-- I'll have to track down the new stuff! I'd love to print great big work-- it would drive me a little mad working out of a storage closet and my dining room though. Hopefully I lay some roots in the next few years and find myself a basement!