Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh, Michigan

I may have mentioned here that we're toying with the thought of leaving Michigan this fall due to the quickly deteriorating local economy. I'm not typically a fair-weather fan, but I've lived in the mitten my whole life and could stand to mix it up a bit. As much as I feel pulled to leave, I occasionally get this nagging feeling that we might be leaving just as big things finally start happening. This feeling was reasserted today on two occasions.

1) There's been discussion for some time about a light rail linking Detroit and Ann Arbor, with an Ypsilanti stop along the way. It looks as if the stimulus package is going to expedite the process, and they're already planning a stop within a few blocks from our place. This would pretty much make my life. 15 minute drives to Ann Arbor and 45 minute drives to Detroit keep us out of there on a regular basis because frankly, some of the activities we enjoy partaking in include alcoholic beverages and we're not fans of the drinking and the driving. This deal will be so sweet for our little Ypsilanti, with patrons coming from both directions to take in the many awesome establishments within a mile of the train stop. More foot traffic means that local businesses and the arts scene will only continue to grow.

2) NPR ran a lovely story about the Power House Project today. Click to listen! Artist Mitch Cope purchased (and facilitated the sale of) some really cheap foreclosed homes in one neighborhood in an effort to create a sense of community, nurture the arts, and support environmental sustainability. The only catch for living in a community minded neighborhood amongst artist and environmental proponents with a $14/month mortgage: you live in Detroit.

Sign me up!

(the Power House!)

Thanks to Ypsilanti blogger Mark Maynard, from whom most of my local haps knowledge flows.

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