Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Show Announcement!

Yesterday I was chosen to be one of thirty vendors at Handmade Detroit's Craft Revival!

Details: Saturday April 18
@ the Magic Stick
(4120 Woodward Ave. Detroit)

I got somewhat addicted to shows last fall, so I'm really excited to get back to them after a three month hiatus. This show should be interesting because the venue is a little on the darker side and we're encouraged to light our booths up a bit which means that I finally have a reason to coerce Chris into building a log lamp!

So I have six weeks, and its time to get busy! Luckily, I found a really simple solution to my fern measurement snafu yesterday and a major time and money saver in the framing department. Everything should run a little more smoothly and efficiently this time around. My first step today will be to make a nice big calendar of the next month and a half. I'm hoping to make around 200 screen prints and 400 woodcut prints, so planning is essential.


Anonymous said...

hey, i was accepted too. maybe we'll be neighbors again. :)

Marcy said...

congrats shannon-- that's great! will you be selling the soap?

The Proper Peach said...

Yay! See you there!
I can't wait to pick up some of your prints!

Marcy said...
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Matt & Brooke said...
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