Monday, April 27, 2009

Painting with All the Colors of the Wind

We took the canoe out today and stayed a lot closer to the banks of the river than normal to break the 42mph (!) wind gusts. Its amazing what details you find sticking close to the land. We pulled into a little nook filled with swamp cabbage and I found this little sprout growing out a rotting trunk.

On the way back we noticed the hearth of a long-gone home poking out of the trees-- we've canoed this stretch so many times, but hadn't noticed it until today.

We also saw maybe 30 baby turtles sunning themselves on branches-- when we paddled by they would plop into the river one at a time-- maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen next to last summer's ducklings.

I'm off to finish a few custom orders tonight and back to work tomorrow where we're making sprout-themed decor for next week's flyer-- I can't wait to show you!

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