Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Chickadees

We did not go out on the river today as planned (because despite the fact that it is 80 degrees, there seems to be some kind of thunderstorm headed our way) so I listed some of the new work and cleaned house.

I spent a little time flipping through Etsy and when I came across Bee Things my jaw hit the floor. Shay and Jeff live in Dallas and make some of the most amazing bird themed screen prints I have ever seen.

Here's a sample of their shop:

chicadees eating!

a very handsome owl (I'm posting this one for you, Rachel!)

this one drives me to make weird compulsive noises due to sheer cuteness

with eggs!!

a lovely little stack

I haven't made a trade in awhile because I haven't really had the inventory until recently. Before I could even stop myself I shot them a convo about trading some of my work for the top one of feeding chickadees, and they agreed to trade for a few of my woodcut prints, so it all worked out really well and I'm so happy.

I originally thought it would be great in my bedroom, where we have lots of oranges and browns, but I might need to look at it more than that, so it will probably find a home in my living room art cluster.

In addition to their shop you might also want to check out Shay's blog where she shares lots and lots of photos of really beautiful things. I've already added it to my feed because I'm pretty sure that we have the exact same taste.

Thanks again Jeff and Shay for trading with me!
I hope you all have a great weekend!

*update: link to Shay's blog has been corrected. :)


Anonymous said...

I was like "whee! owls!" and then I saw my name and got a mushy feeling :)

when are your new prints going to be available online? the pilot recognized your stuff around my house, btw. I should make little gallery cards to hang with everything, because I always have to explain who did what (though, like I said, he recognized your prints -- it was just everything else I had to explain this time).

Marcy said...

I know they're sooo cute-- I immediately thought of you. I have some new work online now, and am getting it up bit by bit. I'm still tweaking a lot my new woodcut prints (including the bird's eye view of Yellowstone) so I'm just printing up the old ones in the meantime. I have a show again this weekend and then a little time to go back to making again before the next one!