Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordle and Flickr and Twitter (Words I Never Thought I'd Type)

So we all know that technology grows exponentially, or else we'd probably still be saving files on floppy disks and I'd still be a member of Columbia House. I spend more time than I should on the internet and eventually find my way to the latest thingamabobs, though I'm usually not the first to embrace them. With that somewhat reluctant Onward Ho! spirit I thought I'd share some recent web discoveries.

1) Wordle
If you love type then you love Wordle, its that simple. If you occupy any web space than its also a great tool to ascertain what kind of image you're projecting. You simply enter any URL and Wordle spits out a cloud of words found on your site. You can arrange your cloud from there-- choosing layout (I went with mostly vertical) font (coolvetica) and color theme (asparagus)

Before I show you my Etsy site's wordle, I would like to discuss two slightly related other subjects:
1) Coolvetica is a spin-off of the world's first truly hardworking sans-serif font, Helvetica. Helvetica is so important that it has been the subject of a riveting documentary.
2) Thanks to a tasting at work I have been privy to the miracle that is grilled asparagus. Coat with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and throw it on the grill or even a Foreman and enjoy nutty, crisp and delicious flavors in five minutes!

Ok! Wordle!


I learned a lot about the words I'm choosing byWordling my Etsy site-- the most often used ones are the largest. In every version I tried I came up with the word print in huge letters, and I loved that in this layout it almost looks like a magazine cover.

2) Flickr
I've had a Flickr for awhile but I kind of let it hibernate. After recently applying for a show and trying to find a way to present my whole body of work in one conveinent URL it seemed necessary to go back to Flickr and make a set devoted to work I've sold at shows and online in the last six months. Everytime I come back to Flickr I'm amazed at how fast and user friendly it is-- though this happy feeling may just be a byproduct of its multi-lingual greetings... I love that part.

whoa, I make bright prints!

Viewing all of my work in one screenshot did the same thing for me as Wordle, but on a purely visual level. It also helped me realize that my shop photos have come a long way. On another slightly related tangent, I think that I might own the best point and shoot ever. Very seldomly does it not capture color accurately, and there are even times when I don't have to edit photos at all thanks to image stabilization and a really great little macro feature.

Anyway, you can visit the All Things Grow set right here.

3) Twitter
I've been on Twitter for awhile. I'm very bad at updating it (as you can see, I've done it exactly four times) but I thought I'd share the link with you... I'm going to attempt to update it a little more when I'm on the busier side of things and don't have time for proper blog entries.

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