Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feed Your Soul

I'm so excited to share this project with you!

Feed Your Soul is an off-shoot project of Indie Fixx to help supply us all with pretty art in these times of economic turbulence. With one click you open a PDF file of the art sized to fit a piece of printer paper. From there you can print it off on your inkjet at home, or send it off to your local copier. Final cost: the price of photo paper and a little bit of ink. I am all for affordable work, so I was really excited to participate in this project.

This also gave me the chance to skew the printmaking method to make a single, complex original-- something I haven't done in around a year. I opted for screen printing on canvas because I love the look of digital fabric-- it lends some extra dimension.I printed flat panels in all sorts of colors, cut them out and stitched them together to make this little guy:

We were only asked to depict something that feeds our soul in the download-- so I went with a little scene of our canoe chugging down the Huron. One of my favorite sections of the river channels through Nichols Arboretum-- the immediate scenery is lush and green with the slightest poke of Ann Arbor's skyline along the top.

You can download my print (or any of the others) right here


Matt & Brooke said...

i love this, marcy. what a cool project! i'm so proud of you that you can participate in something like this that is so meaningful to people. beauty in our homes is so encouraging.

Marcy said...

thanks! it was fun, and seemed to fit really well with my art philosophy in general!