Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to Score Great Gifts and Influence People

I have something really awesome to show you!

Those little scanners at the big box stores are awesome, but what if you could supplement your baby/wedding registry with handmade items? My Handmade Registry makes it ridiculously simple. Paste your Etsy favorites onto the site, share the email address, and you're done! Not only will you wind up with original and amazing gifts with impeccable craftsmanship that will last a lifetime, but you support independent artists and crafters everywhere, and turn on your friends and family to the handmade movement!

Here's a tiny sample of Etsy offerings that would be a big hit at baby showers:

Chocolate Orchid Changing Mat from Made By Kate

Baby Business Onesie from IsabellaBoo. So Distinguished!

This natural toy set by Wee Wood Natural Toys encourages sorting, counting and other important skills.

This Discovery Tote by Helicopher Studios creates an instant play space for little imaginations!

In other news, I have a really busy week ahead of me. I've pulled around 200 woodcut prints over the last few days that need a color screened in tomorrow, and around 100 screens to frame up before Thursday. More info on my next show later in the week!

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